COVID-19 Vaccines now available for 6mo-5yr olds!
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COVID-19 Isolation Recommendations
The Doctors agree with the CDC and LA Department of Public Health's new isolation recommendation of 5 days for those who test positive for COVID-19 from the time that the test result is obtained.  In accordance with the LA Public Health Department, the doctors recommend that after 5 days, repeating an antigen test will provide additional information that will help determine if you are still contagious. The antigen test ( different from the PCR test), if positive, would help select out those who might still be infectious and they should continue isolating. Unfortunately, this is NOT 100% accurate, especially when negative, so every additional day you can isolate is even better.

The Doctors support 5 days quarantine for those who have had direct exposure to someone who is COVID-19 positive. The only exception to this quarantine is someone who has been vaccinated AND boosted. Everyone who has had direct exposure, including those who are boosted, should wear a mask (N95 or KN95, if available) for 10 days total when around other people.

Please print the 2 forms that are linked below and bring them already filled out to your vaccine appointment.

CDC Prevaccination Checklist

Pfizer Vaccine Consent Form